Lexington Dive Services

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Confined Water Facility and Teaching Facility

Above is picture of Lexington Dive Services' teaching area (obviously closed for the season). This was built over the last few seasons with dive instruction in mind. We aim to provide a laid back, comfortable atmosphere (yes that is a palm tree in KY!). The tiki bar is equipped with a flat screen for physiology/lecture portion of class. There is a fridge with cold bottled water for students (free of charge) as well as ceiling fans to move air in the tiki area. There is also a restroom in the building. This provides a place to change as well as a no worries place to use the bathroom when you are soaking wet! There is also an outdoor shower (with hot water!) on the wall to rinse off the chlorine when you finish your class.

The pool is an 18'x36' in-ground. This provides plenty of room for my typical class size of 4-5 students. The pool is heated and I keep it between 85-90 degrees for those long sessions.

This is my pool heater. This is what allows for such comfortable water during classes. No wetsuits required in this pool! This heater is imported from Canada and allows for heating the water by burning firewood. See?...I am an environmentalist too as burning wood is considered carbon neutral. No fossil fuels here:-)

Open Water Check Out Dive Site

After completion of confined water portion you are ready to finish up your certification. The last step is open water. This requires four dives in an open water setting. I typically use Falling Rock Park in La Grange, KY. This is an old rock quarry that was purchased by Joe Clark when it went out of business. Joe did a lot of work to this site moving rocks around and placing objects for divers to explore. The area was graded to prevent large amounts of runoff from entering the quarry. Because of this, divers enjoy very good visibility. Often, visibility is upwards of 15-20 feet. In addition to boats, cars, telephone booth there are also hundreds of fish. The quarry has been stocked with bluegill, bass, catfish and some elusive paddlefish. Below is another sunny day at Falling Rock Park!

Click this link for Falling Rock Park brochure with lots of information about the SCUBA park including dive site layout and directions to the facility.

Falling Rock Park Brochure